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" J'ai voulu rappeler non seulement le souvenir de ce couple unique, mais celui de tous les couples qui se sont aimés sur cette terre avant de la quitter." Constantin Brâncuși 













"Nu vedeţi, oare, aceşti ochi?... Profilul acestor doi ochi (uniţi - în Templul sărutului)?... Aceste emisfere reprezintă Iubirea. Ce rămâne oare (din noi) în amintirea celorlalţi, după moarte?... Numai amintirea ochilor şi a privirilor cu care ne-am revelat dragostea, pentru oameni şi pentru lume. Ei bine, aceste profiluri ale Porţii sărutului reprezintă contopirea, prin dragoste, între bărbat şi femeie."
(Constantin Brâncuşi)



t'(a )ime


Everything is about time. It's about time to make a change. It's about time to break a chain. To call your friends, to live in the present and forget about time. It's about time to be in the right place, to be in the right time. 




hit happens

Life is beauty fall. 
Happimess exists.
And dreams are reality at its best.
Learned it from this man, tougher tan the rest.

Happy birthday, Bruce!



”Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye”

Give poets theaters of the heart.

Where the soul fits in


Give thoughts a new meaning.
Give thoughts a new sentence.
Those thoughts sentenced for life
to live in hidden rooms gouverned by unwanted & uneducated
Feed them.
Free them.
Let the new sentence be:
Love is the only architect of the heart.


l'évidente nécessité de la mémoire

And at the end of the day you must remember this: "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."



”Follow your heart”, they say.
But if you don't keep its peace, rhythm and beat,
if you do not practice enough and keep fit
your heart will soon be miles away.

You see what you want to be.




"when worlds collide, it might be the beginning of a new one"

”Living life in one color, my dear, is not a good thing.

Sadness and happiness are two paths,

Travelling on one path is not a good thing.

As the season changes, Happiness comes and sadness goes.”

Words from this one complete it:

”Everything you want You got to understand

In the palms of the hand If there is a reason.”




times they are a-chain thing

"Time Reverse and rewind Erase and revise And try to start again."

and till the future

you have a present 

to pass(t)





We are all a part
of a new start
of a new generation:
the Beat Regeneration.

We are all apart.


just be

If you want to continue,
suppress any key.

And in order to be

Never try to seem.

Just be.


b.liv. & Camus